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Our Services

Having been one of the premier contractors here in Pierce County, WA responsible for housing and land development as well as project management services, including site assessments and consultations, for nearly thirty years, our company, Paramount Builders Inc has been without peer in terms of punctuality, consistency, and reliability. Taking into account that properly scoping, mapping, and designing a property’s layout is a task that is very in-depth and involved, it’s in every property owner’s best interest to enlist the expertise of tried and proven professionals. Regardless of what capacity you’re in need of our property services and coverage, be it in a consultation and/or management role or geared more towards general contracting or land development, you can rely on the experience and ingenuity we bring to the table during each project we are hired for.

Site Assessment

Every property, the size, scale, dimension, complexity, or type notwithstanding, begins with a very crucial first step; assessing the site of the property. Many property or homeowners who are unfamiliar with the site assessment process envision a simple visit to the parcel of land, some stakes will be laid and markers notated, and the construction phase soon follows. While that is an accurate oversimplification of the assessment, the actual site assessment is instrumental for not only the construction of the property & structures but it’s also crucial for enabling the design teams to properly coordinate and design the project.

Project Consulting

Harkening back to our decades of experience and contributions to the housing and property development industry as well as for general contracting, we’ve been very successful in developing an exclusive, unique approach towards offering our insights, advice, and overview of many projects here in Washington. From budgeting and financial advisement to permitting mediation, material procurement, and project scheduling, our knowledge and experience has proven to be invaluable to a multitude of projects throughout Washington and can definitely be applied successfully to your project as well!

Property Development

Whether you’re seeking excavation and mapping services, including tree and foliage removal and structural deconstruction, our in-house crews are well-versed in excellence pertaining to property development services. All specialists employed with Paramount Builders Inc are screened for efficacy and are up to date with certifications and training to ensure that your property is developed fast and effectively, but above all else: safely. Furthermore, we’ve embraced the fact that each client, and by reflection, their property, are inherently unique and have different requirements and preferences and we’ve made it a goal-point to accommodate each project on an individualized basis..

If you have additional questions regarding our services or if you would like to schedule a free on site consultation, please give us a call at 360-458-1456.